Get Aligned!

Work One-on-one with Rabbi Baruch Gartner

What is Alignment?

Marriage Alignment

Achieve growth, joy and fulfillment

What is Alignment?

Mentoring Students

Ensure those precious days of learning are not wasted

What is Alignment?

Well-Being Alignment

For a more joyful and productive life

What is Alignment?

Business Alignment

Making a living can become easier and more satisfying

What is Alignment?

“We bring a personal and effective approach to every alignment session we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.”


“I have been blessed with the honor to learn for many years with Rav Gartner. As a busy professional I have found the Rav's teaching applicable to my business life's most complicated challenges” Adam S. Green, CEO, Sky Financial Group


“For over 15 years I've been honored to call Rav Gartner my spiritual mentor. His life lessons have given me an unshakble faith and trust in Hashem and an alignment of personality and soul.” Etan Butler, Chairman, The Dalmore Group

About Baruch Gartner

Rabbi249X217A native of Baltimore, Rabbi Baruch Gartner laid down roots in Israel close to forty years ago and lives in Jerusalem surrounded by his children and many grandchildren.

Today Rabbi Gartner devotes himself to helping numerous clients strengthen their relationships, transcend self-defeating behaviors, succeed in the pursuit of their life-goals, and deepen their spiritual life.

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